Coffee Break

Coffee Break: The SCOM Clinic: Common SCOM Problems and Solutions

In this Coffee Break webinar you’ll hear all about the most common problems experienced with SCOM, how to diagnose if your SCOM setup is running efficiently, and what action you can take to get SCOM in tip top condition.

For this session, we’ll be bringing you three of the greatest SCOM doctors in the industry, to consult on your SCOM health problems:

  • Bob Cornelissen, Microsoft MVP & Managing Consultant at TopQore
  • Bruce Cullen, Director of Products at Cookdown
  • Nathan Foreman, Chief Solutions Architect at Cookdown, and winner of HackaSCOM 2021

So, come along to hear about the most typical SCOM ailments and how to fix them. Plus get a chance to put forward your own SCOM problems and get on-the-spot advice on how to tackle them.

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