Coffee Break

The Big SCOM Survey – Results Revealed

In this month’s Coffee Break episode, SquaredUp Founder & CEO Richard Benwell will be joined by a panel of SCOM experts to explore and discuss the results of The Big SCOM Survey.

What is The Big SCOM Survey?

Here at SCOMathon we wanted to find out how the wider SCOM Community use SCOM, the tools & techniques you are applying, and what your future SCOM plans are. And we want to share our findings with you!

See where SCOM is in 2021

During this webinar, our panel of experts will share the findings from this significant survey. With more than 200 respondents from all over the world, the survey provides a powerful and current snapshot of the state of infrastructure monitoring worldwide, namely:

1. What SCOM is being used to monitor.

2. How users create dashboards and reports for SCOM and if they tune their management packs.

3. The number of management groups, servers, gateways, and agents in a typical SCOM landscape.

4. Other tools or third-party management packs that are used for monitoring.

5. The version(s) of SCOM that are currently running in production.

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