Coffee Break

Deep dive into a SCOM Administrator’s toolbox

In this month’s Coffee Break webinar, Stoyan Chalakov, Microsoft MVP and SCOM consultant, will be joining Bruce Cullen, Director of Products at Cookdown, for a deep dive look at the free tools that he uses most when helping customers be successful with SCOM.

There are more places than Google to get free help, so Stoyan will show you where to look and expose his full toolkit for the first time. Your homework will be to investigate each tool.

During this webinar, Stoyan will show us:

  • An effective monitoring config script – see the configuration of each monitored system from this handy script, what SCOM is really monitoring, and the effective overrides.
  • A class graph script – see how the classes in your SCOM deployment relate to each other in diagrammatic form, super useful for targeting your monitoring at the right objects and classes.
  • A script to close alerts from monitors – great for cleaning up your SCOM deployment.
  • MP viewer – see what is inside your MPs, from overrides to monitoring, and present the data in the most logical way.
  • Data warehouse grooming and retention – a great way to maintain your SCOM DW with no cmdline required.
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