SCOMathon 2020

Level up with SquaredUp for SCOM: Getting SCOM out of the basement and into the boardroom

Join John Shaw, CPO, and Adam Kinniburgh, VP Customer Success, to see how easily SquaredUp for SCOM can take you from beginner to winner, and get the whole team playing too.

  • Level 1 – Monitor Windows better. Easier faster UI. See what’s going on. Get on top of alert noise. Arm the NOC.
  • Level 2 – Monitor All infrastructure – Extend SCOM monitoring to other teams – database, web , Linux – without making them learn SCOM.
  • Level 3 – Monitor Applications and Services. Show business stakeholders what they care about – service availability – with Enterprise Apps.
  • Level 4 – Add the Cloud. Show data from Log Analytics and App Insights. Diversion – beyond SCOM – do the same for Azure Monitor with SquaredUp for SCOM.
  • Level 5 – Bring in other tools for a 360 degree view. Add Snow, Pingdom, New Relic etc.
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