Top 5 SCOM community recommendations: March SCOMathon Newsletter

Welcome to our monthly SCOMathon Newsletter. We’ve scoured the community to find 5 exciting SCOM recommendations so you don’t have to. Enjoy!

One To Read

SCOM 2022: Key Highlights

SCOM 2022 is now in preview – wahey! Read this to see what updates and features we’re looking forward to the most.

One to Watch

Azure Stack HCI MP Deep Dive

Monitoring Azure Stack HCI with SCOM? Don’t miss this deep dive into the dedicated MP by Microsoft and Cookdown!

One to follow

Twitter: Bob Cornelissen

Known to the community as ‘SCOM Bob’, this 10-year Microsoft MVP is the one to trust when it comes to SCOM. Follow him on Twitter!

One To TRY

Data Warehouse Grooming Tool

Free, open source and written in PowerShell, this tool helps analyse your Data Warehouse Grooming and show what’s being stored.

One to JOIN

SCOMathon 2022

The ultimate SCOM conference is back on May 10th! Connect with the Community and get the insider’s scoop from SCOM heavyweights. Register now.

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