Top 5 SCOM community recommendations: January SCOMathon Newsletter

Welcome to our monthly SCOMathon Newsletter. We’ve scoured the community to find 5 exciting SCOM recommendations so you don’t have to. Enjoy!

One To Read

Microsoft announces V2 of M365 MP

Love the M365 MP? Lucky for you, V2 is now available for download. V3 is due to be released in February 2022.

One to Watch

The Big SCOM Survey Results Analysis

The results are in! Catch the experts’ analysis of how the SCOM landscape has changed since 2020. 

One to follow

Twitter: System Center Management Pack Catalog

Follow the official SCOM MP Catalog on Twitter to get the latest on all MP updates.

One To TRY

Automating SCOM maintenance mode for computers behind a gateway

You asked – and the SCOM wizard has delivered! At HackaSCOM 2021, the Community voted for Kevin Holman to build this MP. Try it now. 

One to JOIN

The SCOM Clinic: Common SCOM Problems and Solutions

Join this SCOM Clinic to learn about common SCOM ailments and how to fix them. Put forward your own SCOM problems and get on-the-spot advice!

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