Top 5 SCOM community recommendations: February SCOMathon Newsletter

Welcome to our monthly SCOMathon Newsletter. We’ve scoured the community to find 5 exciting SCOM recommendations so you don’t have to. Enjoy!

One To Read

Which management server is my gateway paired to?

Microsoft Senior Engineer Warren Khan shares an easy way to find out without logging on to each server and trawling through the registry.

One to Watch

The SCOM Clinic: Common SCOM Problems and Solutions

Watch our expert SCOMathon doctors prescribe the best medicine for each of these common SCOM ailments.

One to follow

Twitter: Stoyan Chalakov

Follow Microsoft MVP and SCOM pro Stoyan Chalakov on Twitter for his thoughts on SCOM news and more.

One To TRY

SCOM MP comparison organization chart

Struggling to keep your MPs in sync across management groups? Learn how to easily create a comparison chart with PowerShell.

One to JOIN

SCOMathon 2022

The ultimate SCOM conference is back on May 10th! Connect with the Community and learn all there is to know about SCOM. Register now.

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