Top 5 SCOM community recommendations: April SCOMathon Newsletter

Welcome to our monthly SCOMathon Newsletter. We’ve scoured the community to find 5 exciting SCOM recommendations so you don’t have to. Enjoy!

One To Read

Upgrading to SCOM 2022 

Are you ready to upgrade to SCOM 2022? If you are, this is the step-by-step guide you’ve been waiting for! If not, you should still check out the pre-requisites list on this blog to get yourself prepared.  

One to Watch

Dashboard Fridays: Sample M365 dashboard 

Monitoring Microsoft 365 with SCOM? Let dashboarding wizard Adam Kinniburgh take you through this FREE M365 dashboard MP and all its cool capabilities.  

One to follow

Twitter: Dujon Walsham

Having shared his work at HackaSCOM and SCOMathon on multiple occasions, Dujon is a SCOM pro who fully embodies the community spirit. He’s also re-written the SCCM MP and will be sharing it at SCOMathon 2022!  

One To TRY

Upgrading and updating SCOM agents using Tasks 

SCOM legend Kevin Holman shows us how to upgrade and update SCOM agents using Tasks, via his SCOM Management MP. 

One to JOIN

SCOMathon 2022

Curious about the future of SCOM and how it can be extended to monitor Cloud? Or are you after expert best practices around authoring MPs, alerts, PowerShell and security? Join us on May 10 – it’s the final week to register! 

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