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One To Read

SCOMathon 2022: How did it go?

Once again, a big THANK YOU to all presenters, attendees and sponsors for making the event a huge success! Read to view the event highlights, session recordings, attendee feedback, and more.

One to Watch

SCOM 2022 and Roadmap from Microsoft

What is the future of SCOM? Hear from the Microsoft SCOM Product Group themselves! Watch this video if you missed the live session at SCOMathon 2022.

One to follow

Twitter: Kevin Holman

This SCOM legend needs no introduction. If you haven’t already, follow Kevin Holman to get first dibs on his Management Packs and top-notch SCOM content! 

One To TRY

Free SCCM Community Management Pack

Microsoft MVP Dujon Walsham has completely re-written the SCCM MP so that it now uses SCOM’s native rules and monitors with full SCCM coverage. Try it for free here if you missed his demo at SCOMathon 2022.

One to JOIN

Implementing the Manifesto for SCOM Success

At SCOMathon 2020, SquaredUp CEO Richard Benwell shared his top 5 tips for SCOM success. Join Bruce Cullen on June 28 as he walks us through how best to implement these 5 tips. Register now!

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