Michel Kamp

DevOps and Monitoring Architect @ OpsLogix

Monitoring specialist from the beginning of the MOM/SCOM age with a focus on developing extensions.

Vincent de Vries

Chief Innovation Officer, OpsLogix

Vincent started as an infrastructure consultant over 20 years ago, focusing on Active Directory and Exchange in large corporate environments. Having had a keen interest in programming, he started developing custom tools for Exchange reporting and migrations. In the last ten years, his activities have shifted towards developing custom interfaces in C#, authoring Management Packs, and consulting on System Center Operations Manager. Currently, he spends most of his time authoring management packs and creating solutions in Microsoft Azure.

Jonas Lenntun

Technical Business Developer, OpsLogix

Jonas Lenntun has a long experience in Microsoft products and IT monitoring. After working in this area for over 20 years, Jonas has developed a broad knowledge of the whole Microsoft product range, with a personal focus on ITIL and more than 15 years of experience with System Center Operations Manager and Powershell.

Nikolai Karpov

SCOM Guru and C/C++ Specialist at NiCE

John Joyner

Senior Director and MVP

Inventor, author, speaker, and professor on datacenter and enterprise cloud computing topics, awarded Microsoft MVP the last thirteen years. Employed as Senior Director, Technology at AccountabilIT, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. Teaches a cloud computing management course at the University of Arkansas. Co-author of four books in the System Center Operations Manager Unleashed series. A U.S. Navy computer scientist, and retired Lieutenant Commander. Worked for NATO in Europe and aboard an aircraft carrier in the Pacific.

Kevin Holman

Principal Customer Success Engineer @ Microsoft

Kevin is currently a Principal Customer Success Engineer with Microsoft, consulting on System Center and Azure for our largest enterprise clients, and has been in the monitoring and management community for over 20 years.

Dieter Wijckmans

Microsoft MVP & Managing Partner @ OB-V-US

Dieter is an MVP for System Center Cloud and Data management.
He's been active in the IT industry for over 15 years. He is a co-founder of OB-V-US focusing on delivering high-end consultancy to a wide variety of customers.
Dieter has over 10 years of experience in SCOM projects at a variety of different customers and environments enabling monitoring for virtually everything.

His motto illustrates his way of working: Don't overthink it... It's doing common things uncommonly well that brings success.

Ran Nahmany

Microsoft System Engineer

Ran Nahmany is a Microsoft System Engineer based in Tel Aviv, Israel. He specializes in various enterprise Microsoft Technologies, such as - environment monitoring, data visualization, PowerShell Scripting, Azure Cloud, Exchange, etc. During his free time, he likes to design and develop tremendous websites for his clients as a freelancer.

Read more https://www.rannahmany.me/

John Liss

Founder & CEO/Enterprise Architect @ LissProductions

John is a Microsoft enthusiast. He has been working in IT for 30+ years across various industries and lives and breathes technology. His focus lies on Architecting private, hybrid Cloud environments, Large scale solutions, and customer satisfaction. His experience covers a vast number of topics like Datacenter Architecture, Application Architecture/Development, DevOps, Monitoring, IT service management, Orchestration and Automation. With SCOM specifically – his experience ranges back more than 21 years with MOM – right up to now with SCOM 2019. When it comes to technology, John is a “Jack of all trades and a Master of many.”

Marc van der Veer

Product Manager @ GripMatix

Marc has more than 10 years of experience as an End User Computing (EUC) Solution Architect, with a focus on designing and implementing desktop and application virtualization solutions based on Citrix technology.

Michael Seidl

Founder & CEO @ au2mator

Michael Seidl is the founder of au2mator and an automation enthusiast. au2mate everything is not only a phrase, it is in his DNA.

Defining and automating processes for customers all around the globe his Passion.

Let's talk about delegating and automating your IT with au2mator in his Session.

Max Volkov

SCOM Management Pack Developer

Max Volkov lives in New Zealand with his family and two cats. He works for a managed cloud service provider called Computer Concepts Limited. In the last six years, System Center Operations manager is his passion. He works creating custom monitoring and automation solutions based on SCOM. He believes that management packs shall be more user-friendly and provide an intuitive configuration UI.

Read more about Max and his adventures with SCOM on his blog https://maxcoreblog.com.

Sameer Mhaisekar


Sameer represents SquaredUp in India. He is based in Hyderabad and has been working in the industry for over 5 years. He started as a SCOM Admin and later got involved in Azure consultancy briefly before joining SquaredUp as a Technical Evangelist, where he writes extensively about SCOM and Azure Monitor. He's been awarded the rare "Community Hero" and "Content Hero" Badger by Microsoft. Sameer is also the founder and main organizer of Experts Live India.

Mike Sargent


Mike has been with Silect for over 16 years and has been involved in every aspect of the development of MP Studio, MP Author and other products. He is a frequent presenter at MP University, as well as consulting with customers on process and building management packs. Mike enjoys sharing his knowledge and avoiding social media.

Paul Godwin

Customer Solutions Engineer at SquaredUp

Casey Collins

Customer Support Engineer at SquaredUp

Ashley Thompson

Lead Solutions Engineer at SquaredUp

Vincent Hoo Choon How

Microsoft Customer Engineer for SCOM

Vincent Hoo is a Microsoft Customer Engineer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and is a rare breed due to his skills and knowledge on both spectrums of the IT world. He has been working in the IT industry for about 10 years now and, during his free time, he likes to explore new products and solutions. He specializes in cloud and on-premise monitoring, data visualization and dashboard design, primarily leveraging System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) and Azure Monitor. For the last few years, Vincent has been involved in consulting and solutions integration in the Systems Management workspace, through his skills in development and his understanding of the systems management technologies.

Thomas Beck

SCOM Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Thomas has been working with SCOM for the last 12+ years. In his time as a SCOM specialist, he has developed more than 100 custom management packs and reports for both SCOM, SCCM and SCSM. He has created automated, self-correcting, condition-based monitors and runbooks. He has also created Report sites and inter-linked reports that show different aspects of SCOM and functions as a form of “live” documentation. Thomas lives in Denmark and is in an unhealthy relationship with a football manager!

Dujon Walsham

System Centre Architect

Dujon Walsham is a System Centre Architect who currently works with DXC and also runs his own company, Walsham Solutions LTD, providing consultancy, dashboard solutions and technical articles. He has 11+ years of SCOM experience, spanning across various roles from administration to architect and management pack development. Dujon is also a published author, with the release of his book "Self-Motivation: Anyone can do IT if I did IT".

Alex Protsenko


Alex Protsenko is a software engineering leader with a specialization in the development of SCOM management packs. Alex has been working directly with the Microsoft SQL Server Product Team for over 5 years, where he has participated in the product planning/roadmap and led both the architecture and product development of the management packs for the SQL Server product family.

Victor Mushkatin


Victor Mushkatin has been working in IT infrastructure management for 20 years. He founded VIAcode in 2001, which is the leading developer of SCOM MPs, developing over 100 MP since its inception. Victor/VIAcode was the creator of the Intercept Studio .Net/Java application monitoring technology purchased by Microsoft in 2010 and then integrated into SCOM. Victor spent 8 years as part a Group Product Manager for the Microsoft SCOM and Azure Product Teams, where he built Azure Application Insights. Victor returned to VIAcode as the CEO in 2018, where he and VIAcode have continued to develop IT infrastructure operation and management tools and services with a specialization in Azure.

Yannick Grasser


With more than 14 years of history with Polypore Inc., an Asahi Kasei Company, Yannick is serving a role of a global technical applications manager. He is leading technical application management sector for one of the divisions of the company which includes 24/7 manufacturing production support for several companies including Daramic, Celgard and Polypore International.

His globally disbursed team (USA, Europe, Asia) of technical system analysts is responsible for providing continues support and management to several large ERP, MES, Finance and warehouse systems. Maintaining full visibility into application behaviour, ensuring continues availability and up-time are the key to successful global application landscape control.

Wei Hao Lim


Wei Hao Lim is a Microsoft Senior Customer Engineer based in Melbourne, Australia. He specializes in cloud and on-premise monitoring, data visualisation and dashboarding design, primarily leveraging System Center Operations Manager (SCOM), Azure Monitor, Azure Defender and Azure Cost Management. He works with enterprise customers to implement and demonstrate the value of cloud monitoring services in Azure and SCOM, removing technical blockers and encouraging further customer confidence and adoption of these products and services.

His blog posts can be found in the Microsoft Docs Archives at: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-au/archive/blogs/wei_out_there_with_system_center/

Vikram Sahay


Vikram has been with Microsoft for last 14+ years, working on different System Center products as well as with Azure and M365 products.

Stoyan Chalakov


Stoyan is a Microsoft MVP and works as a Senior IT Consultant at POHN IT-Consulting, a Swiss IT consulting company, where he is responsible for the Cloud and Datacenter Management technologies. His focus lies on private and hybrid Cloud management, involving number of technologies like Microsoft System Center, Hyper-V, Office 365, Microsoft Azure and covering topics like Datacenter monitoring, IT service management, orchestration and automation. Stoyan started his career as Support Engineer for the server platform team at the Microsoft Professional Support, supporting customers from the DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) region. As part of the Microsoft Support he was also involved in providing the highest level technical support to Microsoft Premier customers. In addition to Microsoft Cloud and Datacenter, Stoyan has an expertise in Microsoft Active Directory and the related technologies.

Shawn Williams


Shawn is a 23 year veteran from the "Infrastructure Wars" in the Education sector. Programmer, scripter, and a firm believer in getting things done. Loves playing with data, visualisations and reporting; anything data related. Sometimes brutally, but unintentionally honest. Sarcasm is how he hugs.

Serge Zuidinga


With a little over 20 years of experience in IT, Serge's primary focus lies in monitoring and automation enabling customers to maximize the use of products like Azure Monitor, Azure Automation, System Center Operations Manager and System Center Service Management Automation. He also likes to deliver workshops to customers for these products as well as for PowerShell.

Ruud van den Hooff


Ruud focuses on cloud and on-premise monitoring using System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) & Azure Monitor. His primary goal is to ensure customers are using the various tools and solutions to their full potential.

Samuel Tegenfeldt


Samuel is a monitoring and system management Solution Architect at Atea Sverige AB. He has been a consultant for 16 years, a "SCOMaholic" since the SCOM 2007 Technical Preview and has been helping customers building management packs ever since, some of them available on GitHub. An avid fan of OpenSource, he believes in sharing information and knowledge to make sure as many people as possible are living their best lives. Besides SCOM, he also works with SCSM, Grafana, InfluxDB, Azure Monitor and a lot of Powershell.

Ruben Zimmermann


Ruben has been an IT pro for over 15 years and has a passion for monitoring and automation.

Richard Benwell


Richard is the founder and CEO of SquaredUp. With over 15 years' experience in developing IT management products, including software architect at Citrix, Richard founded SquaredUp to bring modern data visualization to the world of enterprise IT operations. Today, hundreds of enterprises worldwide rely on SquaredUp to control application availability, performance, and cost.

Rahul Bhargava


Rahul has been working as Monitoring Architect in the Monitoring, Diagnostics and Logging department at SAXO Group for the last 5.5 years. With total IT experience of 12 years, he is currently focusing on architecture monitoring for new technologies in SAXO Bank. He has a great of experience in different tools like SCOM, Azure Monitor, SolarWinds, Prometheus, Elastic, Grafana and PowerShell.

Rajesh Samota


Rajesh is a Solution Architect currently working with Mercedes Benz Research & Development India Pvt. Ltd., a subsidiary of Daimler AG. He has 11+ years of experience with SCOM under different roles (SCOM Admin, SCOM Architect, Tools Architect, Project Manager, Service Delivery Manager, Pre-sales Consultant) across 40+ customers from around globe and within various industries such as finance, energy, aviation, retail, automotive, manufacturing, chemical, consumer goods and healthcare.

Merijn Overgaauw


Merijn is Product Architect & Developer at GripMatix, which develops Citrix monitoring solutions with a strong focus on maximizing Business Continuity and lowering costs to achieve such.

Nathan Foreman


Nathan is the Product Architect at Cookdown, with over ten years of experience in enterprise IT and Infrastructure monitoring and management. He designs and develops both on-prem SCOM management packs as well as cloud solutions, with a focus on bring disconnected platforms closer together. Nathan enjoys speaking in the community, you may have seen him at the Midwest Management Summit, ServiceNow’s Knowledge conference or local user groups.

Leon Laude


Leon is a consultant based in Sweden. He is a Microsoft enthusiast and works a lot with System Center, Hyper-V and Windows Server in general.

Kevin Greene


Microsoft MVP and consultant working for Ergo, an IT services and consulting company operating out of Dublin, Ireland. A regular speaker at local and international events, he has also authored a number of books on Cloud and Datacenter Management technologies including ‘Getting Started with System Center Operations Manager’ and the recently released 'Inside Azure Management' book.

Harold Dyck


Harold founded in Silect in 2003 with a mission of helping companies extract more value from their investments in Microsoft management technologies. Prior to Silect, Harold founded several other successful technology companies, worked as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence in the Canadian venture capital industry and also worked at Microsoft and IBM.

John Shaw


John has spent the last over 20 years with software product companies building software products, and in that time he's managed, released and grown a lot of different products – lots of them successful, lots of them not so successful. He was also part of growing Sophos from a company not much bigger when he started than SquaredUp is now, to a multi-billion-dollar company listed on the London Stock Exchange with three and a half thousand employees.

Christian Heitkamp


Christian Heitkamp is director at NiCE IT Management Solutions, leading the product and global business development. As an ardent professional, he designs and develops extensions to Microsoft System Center and Office 365 for many years and has specialist skills and certifications for Office 365, IBM DB2, VMware, Oracle and other business applications. Through regular customer and partner engagements, he is bringing industry’s best practice to Microsoft System Center and Azure to enrich the value of IT management solutions.

Cameron Fuller


Cameron, System Center MVP for Cloud and Datacenter Management and former Veeam Vanguard, is a Solution Director for Catapult Systems and serves as an Evangelist for System Center. He has 20 years of infrastructure experience, focused on management solutions. Cameron coauthored a number of System Center books and maintains a highly technical blog. Additionally, you can find Cameron as a speaker at conferences like Experts Live and the Midwest Management Summit.

Nathan Gau


Nathan has been working in IT for 22 years across various industries. He is currently a Senior Consultant at Microsoft doing cyber security work for public sector customers. In the SCOM world, he is best known for his white papers on alert management and for authoring the Security Monitoring Management Pack, the goal of which is to aid customers in following best practices, give security teams a view of operational practices, and look for the bread crumbs that attackers leave behind.

Brett Chevalier


Brett is a Windows Server engineer with almost 25 years of IT experience in various industries. His experience ranges back more than 15 years with MOM and SMS, prior to their inclusion in the System Center suite of products. For the past 10 years Brett has led the operational management initiatives for the Windows Server infrastructure at a leading regional paediatric healthcare system focusing on using System Center for systems management, software deployments, patching and automation.

Bruce Cullen


Bruce is the Director of Products at Cookdown and a founding member, he was Program Manager at SquaredUp having run SquaredUp 4.0, 3.4 and multiple tech preview programs which where the seed for Cookdown being spun out of SquaredUp. He spent 10 years at Citrix, initially as a software tester but then he release managed XenApp and XenDesktop (aka CVAD) cloud and OnPrem, he also release managed the Citrix SCOM Management Packs through their journey from acquisition. Bruce started his career in IT support and is happy to be among IT Pros once more.

Billy York


Billy is a Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP, specialising in Monitoring and Automation. He has years of experience with SCOM and Azure Monitor.

Bob Cornelissen


Bob (AKA SCOM Bob) is a Managing Consultant at TopQore, a highly specialized Cloud and Datacenter Management consultancy from the Netherlands and operating world-wide. Bob is an 9 x MVP, blogs, wrote a book, presents at events in person or virtually world wide, and loves anything community related.

Angilyn Wright


Angilyn is an IT professional with 12 years’ experience. She currently serves as Application Stability Assurance Analyst for Polypore Inc., an Asahi Kasei Company. She is passionate about application monitoring and how such tools can facilitate continuous improvement while enhancing the end user’s overall experience.

Richard Benwell


Richard is the founder and CEO of SquaredUp. With over 15 years' experience in developing IT management products, including software architect at Citrix, Richard founded SquaredUp to bring modern data visualization to the world of enterprise IT operations. Today, hundreds of enterprises worldwide rely on SquaredUp to control application availability, performance, and cost.

Adam Kinniburgh


Adam has been with SquaredUp for three years now. In his role, he's responsible for all the work they do with their customers to get as much value out of SquaredUp as possible. Most of his career has been Systems Engineer-focused at various levels. From starting out on a busy IT help desk right through to consulting for government, all of his experience has been about using technology to solve problems for people.

Aakash Basavaraj

Program Manager for SCOM @ Microsoft

Aakash is Program Manager at Microsoft's System Center Team. He has been with Microsoft for over 10 years now, and has had immense customer facing experience in different industries. His passion for technology, hunger for trying new things and for being part of product designing lead him to Program Management.