SCOMathon 2020

US keynote: How monitoring can help in the world of COVID-19

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If you think that monitoring is unimportant in the world of COVID-19, you could not be more wrong. In this session, Cameron Fuller discussed how monitoring has changed, and presented his thoughts on how we can move our monitoring forward as we enter into a bizarre post-COVID world. He also explored the criticality of effective monitoring, including recommendations for what to focus on in the face of this new challenge.

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Cameron Fuller


Cameron, System Center MVP for Cloud and Datacenter Management and former Veeam Vanguard, is a Solution Director for Catapult Systems and serves as an Evangelist for System Center. He has 20 years of infrastructure experience, focused on management solutions. Cameron coauthored a number of System Center books and maintains a highly technical blog. Additionally, you can find Cameron as a speaker at conferences like Experts Live and the Midwest Management Summit.