SCOMathon 2020

SCOM as a service - harness the best of what SCOM has to offer

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Instead of using SCOM as just a monitoring tool, it’s time to harness the best of what SCOM has to offer and offer SCOM as a Service. To show us how, Rajesh shared some of the best practices he has adopted over the years, namely surrounding SCOM Transition, Implementation & Migration, Operations and Integrations (CMDB, Orchestrator Tool, MOM Layer Tool, ITSM Tool, Data Analytics Tool).

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Webinar speakers

Rajesh Samota


Rajesh is a Solution Architect currently working with Mercedes Benz Research & Development India Pvt. Ltd., a subsidiary of Daimler AG. He has 11+ years of experience with SCOM under different roles (SCOM Admin, SCOM Architect, Tools Architect, Project Manager, Service Delivery Manager, Pre-sales Consultant) across 40+ customers from around globe and within various industries such as finance, energy, aviation, retail, automotive, manufacturing, chemical, consumer goods and healthcare.