SCOMathon 2020

No more headaches: Easy tune your MPs and sync to ServiceNow

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In this session, Bruce will solve your top 3 SCOM challenges with the power of Cookdown, ServiceNow and (of course) SCOM. Issues such as SCOM alerts not being actioned, time wasted on trawling through pointless alerts and effort spent on alerts of low value and, finally, upgrading to SCOM 2019. You also get to take away some awesome free SCOM solutions!

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Bruce Cullen


Bruce is the Director of Products at Cookdown and a founding member, he was Program Manager at SquaredUp having run SquaredUp 4.0, 3.4 and multiple tech preview programs which where the seed for Cookdown being spun out of SquaredUp. He spent 10 years at Citrix, initially as a software tester but then he release managed XenApp and XenDesktop (aka CVAD) cloud and OnPrem, he also release managed the Citrix SCOM Management Packs through their journey from acquisition. Bruce started his career in IT support and is happy to be among IT Pros once more.