SCOMathon 2020

NiCE management packs for Microsoft SCOM - 365 days a year

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Christian Heitkamp gave an overview of the NiCE Management Packs: covering everything from Microsoft Teams monitoring to the details of Oracle on AIX monitoring. The overview was then followed by a “look behind the scenes” at the modern development of Management Packs, including build pipelines and automated testing processes.

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Webinar speakers

Christian Heitkamp


Christian Heitkamp is director at NiCE IT Management Solutions, leading the product and global business development. As an ardent professional, he designs and develops extensions to Microsoft System Center and Office 365 for many years and has specialist skills and certifications for Office 365, IBM DB2, VMware, Oracle and other business applications. Through regular customer and partner engagements, he is bringing industry’s best practice to Microsoft System Center and Azure to enrich the value of IT management solutions.