SCOMathon 2020

Live Q&A: Your SCOM questions answered

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In this interactive Q&A, Shawn, Brett and Richard took questions from the attendees and shared some of their own experiences with SCOM and their decision-making process. Some highlights include a comparison between SCOM side-by-side and in-place upgrades, as well as SCOM 2019 and why you’d want to upgrade to it. They also discussed the interesting announcement Microsoft made about a cloud-hosted SCOM deployment.

Meet the speakers

Webinar speakers

Brett Chevalier


Brett is a Windows Server engineer with almost 25 years of IT experience in various industries. His experience ranges back more than 15 years with MOM and SMS, prior to their inclusion in the System Center suite of products. For the past 10 years Brett has led the operational management initiatives for the Windows Server infrastructure at a leading regional paediatric healthcare system focusing on using System Center for systems management, software deployments, patching and automation.

Shawn Williams


Shawn is a 23 year veteran from the "Infrastructure Wars" in the Education sector. Programmer, scripter, and a firm believer in getting things done. Loves playing with data, visualisations and reporting; anything data related. Sometimes brutally, but unintentionally honest. Sarcasm is how he hugs.