SCOMathon 2020

Fly your SCOM management group to the sky

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Stoyan Chalakov presented a set of measures which can be taken to boost the performance of every SCOM management group. During the session, attendees were given in-depth information on optimizing the SCOM SQL databases and also shown different application level optimizations.

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Stoyan Chalakov


Stoyan is a Microsoft MVP and works as a Senior IT Consultant at POHN IT-Consulting, a Swiss IT consulting company, where he is responsible for the Cloud and Datacenter Management technologies. His focus lies on private and hybrid Cloud management, involving number of technologies like Microsoft System Center, Hyper-V, Office 365, Microsoft Azure and covering topics like Datacenter monitoring, IT service management, orchestration and automation. Stoyan started his career as Support Engineer for the server platform team at the Microsoft Professional Support, supporting customers from the DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) region. As part of the Microsoft Support he was also involved in providing the highest level technical support to Microsoft Premier customers. In addition to Microsoft Cloud and Datacenter, Stoyan has an expertise in Microsoft Active Directory and the related technologies.