SCOMathon 2020 – A big thank you

As co-hosts of SCOMathon 2020 that took place last week, we are happy to have provided a platform for the SCOM community to get together, learn and connect. Many in the community have mentioned feeling isolated and side-lined due to Microsoft’s cloud-driven messaging that ‘SCOM is dead’, but last Tuesday saw us rally together in proof that that’s far from the truth (more proof below!).

Session recordings and SCOMathon Slack channel

Don’t worry if you couldn’t make it that day, all session recordings will be posted on the SCOMathon website, which will soon become a content hub for all things SCOM – keep your eyes peeled for that! Our SCOMathon slack channel will also live on as a SCOM discussion hub, so don’t forget to check that out too. Remember, your fellow #SCOManiacs are just a slack message away!

Event stats

SCOMathon’s success is a big indicator that SCOM remains the go-to tool for on premise enterprise IT monitoring. Show this to that colleague/boss who needs more evidence that SCOM is very much alive and kicking!

Post-event survey results

Thoughts from your fellow SCOManiacs

To end off, here is some of the feedback we received from the community.

Very great initiative, great way to show SCOM is not a dead product, but rather growing!

An overall excellent, brilliantly organised event. In the world of cloud it was a breath of fresh air to attend an event that focussed on the technology of today and not just the tech of the future.

Fantastic work everyone! Whilst I didn’t see all, I remained connected and kept popping back when I could from 07:00 UK Time right through to the end! This is a fantastic way to keep up to date with what is happening with SCOM and also to meet the guys who respond to my forum posts 🙂

Best SCOM event I ever attended!

I have followed the event for almost 15 hours and I did not regret even a second.

I am a big fan of SCOM and of what it can do. I struggle in many companies to make understand the benefits of this solution and its ecosystem, but it is often underestimated and there is a lack of resources in companies to work on it like one of your speakers said. For a first SCOMathon, it was just simply perfect WAHHH ! I waited this event as a gift ! I don’t know if Slack and Cafés channels are still opened but maybe keeping them could be very nice for the SCOM community.

Once again, thank you to each and every one of you for making all of this possible. Join the Slack channel if you haven’t, and stay tuned for more session recordings!

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