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Why SCOMathon

Traditional face-to-face conferences have always provided an opportunity for like-minded people to come together, learn and network. But, when the coronavirus pandemic spread quickly across the world, businesses were forced to re-evaluate the format of these events. Could a virtual event possibly offer the same learning and networking opportunities? SCOMathon was created to do just that.

On 16 June 2020, Microsoft MVPs, SCOM experts, and SCOM customers from around the world gathered virtually to discuss all things SCOM – including SCOM 2019, the latest Microsoft updates, specific use case scenarios and best practice tips. There were live virtual discussion panels, SCOM clinics, Q&A sessions with speakers and virtual cafés where attendees were able to get their burning SCOM questions answered by the experts.

While the event might be over, the SCOMathon community platform has only just begun. Join our Slack workspace to be a part of the discussion, register for our monthly Coffee Break webinars, or head over to our Content Hub for more SCOM content.

Conference Highlights

Highlights from SCOMathon 2020

SCOM is alive and kicking!

SCOMathon 2020 turned out to be the biggest virtual conference in the history of SCOM, with over 700 attendees and 30 experts, including the Microsoft SCOM Product Team, Bob Cornelissen, Leon Laude, Kevin Greene, Cameron Fuller and Billy York, delivering 16 hours of awesome SCOM content across 3 time zones, from Melbourne, Australia to Houston, Texas and everywhere in between.

A strong community united by a common cause

While the main event was one long 16-hour Zoom webinar, there were also 5 SCOM cafés – separate Zoom meetings with their own topics and hosts - where attendees and speakers from around the world could come together to share their knowledge. There were also 9 different topic-based Slack channels, where over 4000 messages were sent during the event! A highlight for all attendees was when Kevin Holman, a much-respected Microsoft Premier Field Engineer, joined us over Slack and provided real-time support to SCOM community members all over the world.

Doing well and doing good

As a SCOM community, a whopping total of $6,721 was raised from the event! The co-organisers of SCOMathon 2020 (SquaredUp, Cookdown and NiCE) pledged to donate $1 for each attendee of every session to Doctors Without Borders, whose teams of doctors and nurses are racing to provide a response to the COVID-19 pandemic all around the world.


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Meet the sponsors

SCOMathon 2020 Sponsors

SquaredUp is a dashboarding company that uses data visualization to make even the most complex IT applications beautifully simple to run.

Their dedicated solution for Microsoft SCOM is SquaredUp for SCOM – a tool used by some of the world’s leading enterprises to deliver application-centric monitoring, reduce downtime and improve service delivery. With fast, easy-to-use dashboards that can be customized to the exact needs of each team, from management to administrators, SquaredUp gets your IT teams engaged with monitoring and helps you get the most out of SCOM.

The team at SquaredUp are an agile, innovative team focused on product excellence and delighting their customers such as Ford, KPMG, and Vodafone with their great product, transparent pricing model and outstanding support.

Cookdown is the sister company of SquaredUp that is dedicated to extending and improving SCOM for the community.

Taking years of experience with Microsoft SCOM and enterprise software development, Cookdown have created innovative solutions that enable you to make the most of your investments in SCOM. Integrations, alerts, tuning and mapping – these are some of their specialties. Many of these solutions are made available for free, and they’re proud to be part of the dedicated community that exists around SCOM.

NiCE IT Management Solutions provides application health and performance monitoring solutions integrating with Microsoft System Center, Microsoft Azure, and Micro Focus Operations Manager. Target applications include Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Exchange, Oracle, DB2, MongoDB, Domino, SAP, Cluster servers, Log Files, VMware and more. NiCE started in 1991, developing and perfecting OEMed cross platform application monitoring solutions on UNIX, Linux, and Windows for their technology partners. Today, they service clients worldwide, spanning from SMBs to the top 100 global market leaders. Their mission is to provide smart application monitoring solutions you can rely on.

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