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The Big SCOM Survey – Results Revealed

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In this month’s Coffee Break episode, SquaredUp Founder & CEO Richard Benwell will be joined by a panel of SCOM experts to explore and discuss the results of The Big SCOM Survey.

What is The Big SCOM Survey?

Here at SCOMathon we wanted to find out how the wider SCOM Community use SCOM, the tools & techniques you are applying, and what your future SCOM plans are. And we want to share our findings with you!

See where SCOM is in 2021

During this webinar, our panel of experts will share the findings from this significant survey. With more than 200 respondents from all over the world, the survey provides a powerful and current snapshot of the state of infrastructure monitoring worldwide, namely:

1. What SCOM is being used to monitor.

2. How users create dashboards and reports for SCOM and if they tune their management packs.

3. The number of management groups, servers, gateways, and agents in a typical SCOM landscape.

4. Other tools or third-party management packs that are used for monitoring.

5. The version(s) of SCOM that are currently running in production.

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Meet the speakers

Webinar speakers

Richard Benwell


Richard is the founder and CEO of SquaredUp. With over 15 years' experience in developing IT management products, including software architect at Citrix, Richard founded SquaredUp to bring modern data visualization to the world of enterprise IT operations. Today, hundreds of enterprises worldwide rely on SquaredUp to control application availability, performance, and cost.

Christian Heitkamp


Christian Heitkamp is director at NiCE IT Management Solutions, leading the product and global business development. As an ardent professional, he designs and develops extensions to Microsoft System Center and Office 365 for many years and has specialist skills and certifications for Office 365, IBM DB2, VMware, Oracle and other business applications. Through regular customer and partner engagements, he is bringing industry’s best practice to Microsoft System Center and Azure to enrich the value of IT management solutions.

Harold Dyck


Harold founded in Silect in 2003 with a mission of helping companies extract more value from their investments in Microsoft management technologies. Prior to Silect, Harold founded several other successful technology companies, worked as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence in the Canadian venture capital industry and also worked at Microsoft and IBM.

Stoyan Chalakov


Stoyan is a Microsoft MVP and works as a Senior IT Consultant at POHN IT-Consulting, a Swiss IT consulting company, where he is responsible for the Cloud and Datacenter Management technologies. His focus lies on private and hybrid Cloud management, involving number of technologies like Microsoft System Center, Hyper-V, Office 365, Microsoft Azure and covering topics like Datacenter monitoring, IT service management, orchestration and automation. Stoyan started his career as Support Engineer for the server platform team at the Microsoft Professional Support, supporting customers from the DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) region. As part of the Microsoft Support he was also involved in providing the highest level technical support to Microsoft Premier customers. In addition to Microsoft Cloud and Datacenter, Stoyan has an expertise in Microsoft Active Directory and the related technologies.

Nathan Gau


Nathan has been working in IT for 22 years across various industries. He is currently a Senior Consultant at Microsoft doing cyber security work for public sector customers. In the SCOM world, he is best known for his white papers on alert management and for authoring the Security Monitoring Management Pack, the goal of which is to aid customers in following best practices, give security teams a view of operational practices, and look for the bread crumbs that attackers leave behind.

Dujon Walsham

System Centre Architect

Dujon Walsham is a System Centre Architect who currently works with DXC and also runs his own company, Walsham Solutions LTD, providing consultancy, dashboard solutions and technical articles. He has 11+ years of SCOM experience, spanning across various roles from administration to architect and management pack development. Dujon is also a published author, with the release of his book "Self-Motivation: Anyone can do IT if I did IT".