Coffee Break

SCOM Update Rollup 2

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Heard about the SCOM Update Rollup 2 but unsure of what it includes?

Let Shawn Williams, Technical Evangelist at SquaredUp, and Leon Laude, SCOM Consultant and author of popular ‘The System Center Blog’ break it down for you in this month's Coffee Break webinar.

Among other topics, they will cover:

  • New features and fixes
  • A step-by-step guide to updating
  • The most useful resources to get you started
Meet the speakers

Webinar speakers

Shawn Williams


Shawn is a 23 year veteran from the "Infrastructure Wars" in the Education sector. Programmer, scripter, and a firm believer in getting things done. Loves playing with data, visualisations and reporting; anything data related. Sometimes brutally, but unintentionally honest. Sarcasm is how he hugs.