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SCOM Security - the best tips, tools and MPs to secure your SCOM environment

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With cyber-attacks on the rise, security is top of the agenda for most IT teams. But there is no need to shell out for costly security products when SCOM has the building blocks to do security monitoring and is great for analysing log data.

Join Cookdown’s Director of Products, Bruce Cullen, and Nathan Gau, Senior Cyber Security Consultant at Microsoft, for this month’s Coffee Break episode where they will be discussing how SCOM can help with intrusion detection, highlighting known vulnerabilities and augmenting organizational best practices surrounding security. They will also be showing off the latest version of Nathan Gau’s Security Monitoring MP, built from customer requests to use SCOM to do exactly these things.

In this webinar, you will learn how:

  • SCOM can be used as a security monitoring tool with the Security Monitoring MP
  • To detect legacy protocols
  • To identify security vulnerabilities before attackers do
  • To look for signs that your IT estate is under attack
  • To help implement Security best practices and processes through SCOM
Meet the speakers

Webinar speakers

Bruce Cullen


Bruce is the Director of Products at Cookdown and a founding member, he was Program Manager at SquaredUp having run SquaredUp 4.0, 3.4 and multiple tech preview programs which where the seed for Cookdown being spun out of SquaredUp. He spent 10 years at Citrix, initially as a software tester but then he release managed XenApp and XenDesktop (aka CVAD) cloud and OnPrem, he also release managed the Citrix SCOM Management Packs through their journey from acquisition. Bruce started his career in IT support and is happy to be among IT Pros once more.

Nathan Gau


Nathan has been working in IT for 22 years across various industries. He is currently a Senior Consultant at Microsoft doing cyber security work for public sector customers. In the SCOM world, he is best known for his white papers on alert management and for authoring the Security Monitoring Management Pack, the goal of which is to aid customers in following best practices, give security teams a view of operational practices, and look for the bread crumbs that attackers leave behind.