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Monitoring SQL Server with SCOM and SQL Server MPs

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In this month’s Coffee Break episode, we will be delving into SQL Server MPs. VIAcode’s CEO, Victor Mushkatin, and Team Lead, Alex Protsenko, will be joining SquaredUp’s Technical Evangelist, Shawn Williams, showcasing their SQL Server Management Pack, which provides a comprehensive SQL monitoring solution for SQL Server instances running on both Windows and Linux.

Among other topics, they will:

  • Describe how the version-agnostic SQL Server MP offers improved performance compared to other SQL monitoring management packs
  • Explain why switching from version-specific management packs to an “agnostic” management pack for SQL Server is a good thing and what this means for the SSRS, SSAS, and SSIS management packs
  • Show you some useful tips and tricks for refining your monitoring tools and strategies
Meet the speakers

Webinar speakers

Shawn Williams


Shawn is a 23 year veteran from the "Infrastructure Wars" in the Education sector. Programmer, scripter, and a firm believer in getting things done. Loves playing with data, visualisations and reporting; anything data related. Sometimes brutally, but unintentionally honest. Sarcasm is how he hugs.

Victor Mushkatin


Victor Mushkatin has been working in IT infrastructure management for 20 years. He founded VIAcode in 2001, which is the leading developer of SCOM MPs, developing over 100 MP since its inception. Victor/VIAcode was the creator of the Intercept Studio .Net/Java application monitoring technology purchased by Microsoft in 2010 and then integrated into SCOM. Victor spent 8 years as part a Group Product Manager for the Microsoft SCOM and Azure Product Teams, where he built Azure Application Insights. Victor returned to VIAcode as the CEO in 2018, where he and VIAcode have continued to develop IT infrastructure operation and management tools and services with a specialization in Azure.

Alex Protsenko


Alex Protsenko is a software engineering leader with a specialization in the development of SCOM management packs. Alex has been working directly with the Microsoft SQL Server Product Team for over 5 years, where he has participated in the product planning/roadmap and led both the architecture and product development of the management packs for the SQL Server product family.