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A Manifesto for SCOM Success

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In this month’s Coffee Break, SquaredUp Founder & CEO, Richard Benwell, joins SquaredUp’s Technical Evangelist, Shawn Williams, for a fireside chat to discuss Richard's opening keynote speech at SCOMathon back in June 2020, ‘A Manifesto for SCOM Success’.

In this webinar, Richard and Shawn will discuss why SCOM is still relevant, how to be successful with SCOM and what the future holds for SCOM. You will also learn five simple, tried and tested best practices that will take your SCOM monitoring to new heights:

  • Turn everything off and tune up, not down
  • Invest in custom monitoring
  • Put your applications in the picture
  • Manage alerts with ITSM
  • Dashboard, dashboard, dashboard
Meet the speakers

Webinar speakers

Richard Benwell


Richard is the founder and CEO of SquaredUp. With over 15 years' experience in developing IT management products, including software architect at Citrix, Richard founded SquaredUp to bring modern data visualization to the world of enterprise IT operations. Today, hundreds of enterprises worldwide rely on SquaredUp to control application availability, performance, and cost.

Shawn Williams


Shawn is a 23 year veteran from the "Infrastructure Wars" in the Education sector. Programmer, scripter, and a firm believer in getting things done. Loves playing with data, visualisations and reporting; anything data related. Sometimes brutally, but unintentionally honest. Sarcasm is how he hugs.