Coffee Break

Authoring Management Packs and monitoring Linux/Unix using fragments

In this month’s Coffee Break, Christian Heitkamp, Product Manager at NiCE IT Management Solutions, will be joining Bruce Cullen, Director of Products at Cookdown, to take us through the depths of Linux/Unix agent monitoring, starting with what off-the-shelf MPs can do, and ending in a practical workshop where Christian will show you how you can use VSAE (Visual Studio Authoring Extensions) with fragments to author custom monitoring – in order to enrich the depth of your monitoring. Please make sure you have VSAE ready if you’d like to follow along yourself.

Christian will also discuss some of the off-the-shelf Management Packs available for this task and run through the pros and cons of each.

During this webinar, we will discuss:

  • What options are available when monitoring Linux/Unix machines
  • How fragments allow users to add new rules, monitors, discoveries to Management Packs, quickly and accurately
  • How to author Management Packs using Visual Studio and fragments
  • How to use fragments with VSAE (Visual Studio Authoring Extensions)
  • Performance considerations and best practice for Linux MPs
Meet the speakers

Webinar speakers

Christian Heitkamp


Christian Heitkamp is director at NiCE IT Management Solutions, leading the product and global business development. As an ardent professional, he designs and develops extensions to Microsoft System Center and Office 365 for many years and has specialist skills and certifications for Office 365, IBM DB2, VMware, Oracle and other business applications. Through regular customer and partner engagements, he is bringing industry’s best practice to Microsoft System Center and Azure to enrich the value of IT management solutions.

Bruce Cullen


Bruce is the Director of Products at Cookdown and a founding member, he was Program Manager at SquaredUp having run SquaredUp 4.0, 3.4 and multiple tech preview programs which where the seed for Cookdown being spun out of SquaredUp. He spent 10 years at Citrix, initially as a software tester but then he release managed XenApp and XenDesktop (aka CVAD) cloud and OnPrem, he also release managed the Citrix SCOM Management Packs through their journey from acquisition. Bruce started his career in IT support and is happy to be among IT Pros once more.