Coffee Break

Coffee Break: What’s New with SCOM MI: Azure Monitor Integration, Pricing, and Roadmap

Join us for this Coffee Break webinar with Microsoft Program Manager, Ankur Gupta, to learn what is new in SCOM MI’s development, including new features, roadmap, and pricing.

In this webinar, he’ll cover:

  • Integrating SCOM alerts with Azure Monitor to power ITSM tools like ServiceNow
  • How SCOM MI management servers are auto-scaled by Microsoft
  • An inside look at proposed SCOM MI pricing updates
  • The road ahead for SCOM MI

Key benefits:

  • See how to integrate SCOM MI alerts with Azure Monitor
  • Learn how Microsoft handles SCOM MI server scaling and updates
  • Get insider info on upcoming SCOM MI pricing changes
  • Discover where SCOM MI is headed in the future

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