SCOMathon 2024 recordings and highlights

Thank you to everyone who made SCOMathon 2024 yet another huge success! The community came together to share their SCOM knowledge across 11 sessions of stellar content, including 2 highly anticipated panel discussions. You can find all session recordings below.

This year, we went live for 9 hours on an exciting, new interactive platform – Gather. It was our first time using a platform like this and we’re pleased to share that it went down a storm!

We are also thrilled to share that this year, we raised an incredible $7,568!

Thanks to the sponsors, GripMatix, Asteria and NiCE, who joined us in donating to World Bicycle Relief, an international non-profit organization empowering people and communities through the life-changing independence of bicycles. And a big thank you to everyone who attended the sessions and made the fundraiser possible!

SCOM community love

Feel free to skip ahead to the session recordings, but before diving into those we thought we’d share a quick summary of some feedback from the SCOM community.

On average, the event was rated 8.8/10, and our new virtual event platform was rated 8.2/10.

A few bits of help feedback for improvement were that we could’ve done with more time for speaker Q&A and interaction between attendees, as well as more time to explore the expo to speak to vendors. We will keep this in mind for the future! We also received lots of wonderful feedback which once again reminded us how strong and wonderful the SCOM community is. Here are a few snippets 🙂

What was your favourite session of SCOMathon 2024?

Respondents to our post-event survey selected these three sessions as their favourites.

What is the best thing about SCOMathon?

Here’s how the community responded when asked the above question:

“Community, transparency, knowledge”

“Bringing the community together to talk SCOM. Having vendors available for demonstrations and guidance.”

“Learning what the SCOM program group has in store for the future of SCOM and what the community has developed to enhance SCOM’s monitoring capability.”

“To interact with other SCOM people.”

“To keep informed on what is going on with SCOM”

“Exchanging knowledge and connect with peers”

“The world is changing fast. IT world is changing even faster. But the wonderfulness of this event and the SCOM community remains the same since it has started. It was a pleasure to be among friends and meet them again.”

“Great happening, fun, enlightening and a transparent community. Innovative arrangements, awesome!”

Additional feedback to the organisers:

“Thank you for giving us a platform to share our passion for monitoring!”

“SCOMathon is a great event and I look forward to the next one.”

“Great event! Please keep ’em coming :)”

Session recordings

If you missed the event on the day itself, don’t worry, all the sessions have been recorded. Watch them all in your own time below.

Panel Discussion 1 – SCOM vs SCOM MI: what is the difference?

The panelists discuss the similarities and differences between SCOM and SCOM MI, and more importantly, why you should care about SCOM MI.

Stoyan Chalakov, Microsoft MVP & Senior IT Consultant
Bob Cornelissen, Microsoft MVP & Managing Consultant @ Topqore
Rahul Bhargava, Monitoring Architect & IT Expert
Bruce Cullen, Director of Products @ SquaredUp

Panel Discussion 2 – Evolution and AI adoption in SCOM

The panelists discusses the future of SCOM: its evolution, AI adoption, and game-changing innovations.

Stoyan Chalakov, Microsoft MVP & Senior IT Consultant
Cameron Fuller, Solution Director @ Quisitive
Nathan Gau, Senior Technical Specialist @ Microsoft
Bob Cornelissen, Microsoft MVP & Managing Consultant @ Topqore
Rahul Bhargava, Monitoring Architect & IT Expert

Keynote – The rise of Generative AI and practical impacts on Monitoring

by Cameron Fuller, Solution Director @ Quisitive

Watch the recording to hear about the seismic impact of Generative AI on our digital realm and how it’s reshaping the very fabric of monitoring. Cameron Fuller – one of SCOM’s original pioneers – unpacks the future of alerting, tuning, and the human element underpinning it all in this dynamic keynote.

Orchestrating Insightful Plugins in Copilot for Security with SCOM

by Wei Hao Lim, Principle Cloud Solution Architect @ Microsoft

SCOM contains a wealth of knowledge about your infrastructure, from how your infrastructure is connected to the logs and performance metrics is collected for you, yet seeing a potential security threat through all this data can be impossible. Luckily gen AI is excellent at summarizing complicated and large sets of data. In this session Wei showed us how to join the two through a plugin for CoPilot for Security.

Server Group Population from ServiceNow CMDB the easy way

by Rahul Bhargava, Monitoring Architect & IT Expert

Have you ever wanted to build your SCOM groups dynamically from your CMDB? It already has all the information you need to make this happen. In this session Rahul shared how Saxo Bank built out groups based on server priority from their existing CMDB data natively in SCOM.

SCOM Upgrades and Migrations, including MI

by Bob Cornelissen, Microsoft MVP & Managing Consultant @ Topqore

So you are considering upgrading your old SCOM Management Group to a newer version, but aren’t sure what the path might look like – in place, side by side or fresh deployment – and then Microsoft brings out SCOM Managed Instance. Confused? Don’t worry, Bob from TopQore has you covered. In this session he covers all the paths and all the options from where you are to where you want to head, including SCOM MI. Check it out!

SCOM dashboards just got supercharged… again!

by Richard Benwell, Founder CEO @ SquaredUp

Leading SCOM dashboard provider, SquaredUp, have a brand new offering that can take your SCOM data viz to the next level. Check it out!

SCOM MI: Pricing, features and roadmap updates

by Ankur Gupta, Program Manager @ Microsoft

Having Microsoft manage patching your SCOM deployment sounds great but you may need a better understanding of the costs to convince management. In this session, Ankur from the SCOM Product Group explains it all and compares the price of on-prem SCOM with SCOM MI. He also shows us all the latest features along with what is coming soon. Check it out!

SCOM MI through a security lens

by Nathan Gau, Senior Technical Specialist @ Microsoft

SCOM MI has both advantages and disadvantages from the perspective of security, including some aspects you may not have considered. Get the full picture from Nathan Gau who puts SCOM MI under the microscope, comparing it to both on-prem SCOM but also to Azure Monitor.

PowerShell: SCOM’s Best Friend

by Blake Drumm, Support Escalation Engineer @ Microsoft

Watch the recording to discover how PowerShell transcends being just a scripting language to becoming an essential tool for SCOM administrators. In his session, Blake from Microsoft introduced a suite of PowerShell scripts designed to tackle SCOM challenges head-on. See how these scripts can streamline your SCOM issue resolution process.


Veeam Backup monitoring for 2024

by David Smith, Senior Systems Administrator @ Wellspan Health

Veeam Backup is widely deployed and used by customers of SCOM, yet there hasn’t been a Management Pack from Veeam, which can cause a bit of a blind spot for SCOM. David Smith from Wellspan takes us through his new and free community MP, created for exactly this purpose. From alerts when jobs fail to backup server health, this MP has you covered. Watch to learn more.

We hope you enjoyed SCOMathon 2024. Thank you once again to the SCOM community and big shout out to the event sponsors for making this possible. Catch you at the next Coffee Break!

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