SCOMathon 2023

Panel Discussion: How the SCOM roadmap changes everything

Our panel discuss what is new in SCOM 2022, what was shared in the SCOM Product Group’s keynote session, and what it means for the future of SCOM.

Fun with advanced native dashboards in the SCOM console – Part 2

Wei Hao Lim, Senior Customer Engineer for SCOM at Microsoft, continues the theme from his session at last year’s SCOMathon and shows us more tips and tricks on how to drive SCOM’s native dashboards using PowerShell scripts. Getting more from native dashboards is a popular theme in each year’s Big SCOM Survey, so this session […]

Panel Discussion: SCOM and the Cloud

Our panelists discuss where SCOM sits in the monitoring landscape, talk about how monitoring is changing with hybrid/true cloud, and what this means for SCOM.

Send files from Agent to Management Server using SCOM’s framework

In this session, Max Volkov, SCOM Management Pack Developer, shows you how to send log files (or any information) from the SCOM agent back to the Management Server with no other connection but the standard SCOM connection, perfect for highly secure environments! The methods Max uses are the same as the methods used by Azure […]