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The Big SCOM Survey 2021: Full results

The full list of results for The Big SCOM Survey 2021. We surveyed 81 SCOM users with the same 27 questions we asked in 2020. We include comparison charts at certain points to track how the SCOM landscape is changing.

Sync custom data to agents with CSVs: SCOM Management Pack by Anders Öberg

SCOM expert Anders Öberg was given the task of creating a SCOM management pack that creates registry keys containing data from a centrally stored CSV on servers and then store that information in SCOM’s object model.

Alert on Unexpected Shutdowns & BSODs: SCOM Management Pack by Dujon Walsham

SCOM titan Dujon Walsham was given difficult task of creating a SCOM management pack that already exists, but with much more flexibility and detail. Dujon’s challenge was to build an MP that alerted on unexpected shutdowns like blue screens of death (BSOD).

Automating Maintenance Mode for Computers Behind a Gateway: SCOM Management Pack by Kevin Holman

Kevin Holman was one of the titans of SCOM management pack (MP) authoring that took on the challenge of building a community-requested MP in just 24 hours during HackaSCOM. He was given the unenviable task of creating a SCOM management pack that put computers behind a gateway into maintenance mode when the gateway goes down […]