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Panel Discussion: SCOM and the Cloud

Our panelists discuss where SCOM sits in the monitoring landscape, talk about how monitoring is changing with hybrid/true cloud, and what this means for SCOM.

Send files from Agent to Management Server using SCOM’s framework

In this session, Max Volkov, SCOM Management Pack Developer, shows you how to send log files (or any information) from the SCOM agent back to the Management Server with no other connection but the standard SCOM connection, perfect for highly secure environments! The methods Max uses are the same as the methods used by Azure […]

Top 5 SCOM community recommendations: May SCOMathon Newsletter

Welcome to our monthly SCOMathon Newsletter. We’ve scoured the community to find 5 exciting SCOM recommendations so you don’t have to.

Kubernetes Monitoring, VMware Ransomware Protection and Teams Connector 2.0

Vincent de Vries, Chief Innovation Officer, and Jonas Lenntunn, Technical Business Developer at OpsLogix, show the latest release of OpsLogix VMware Management Pack with built-in Ransomware Protection, and the newly updated and enhanced Microsoft Teams Connector for SCOM.Monitor your containerized Kubernetes workloads on Openshift, AKS, Tanzu, or natively with SCOM, with the new Management Pack […]