Is SCOM struggling for survival in the cloud era? Here’s how to save it

SquaredUp's CEO Richard Benwell, showcases SquaredUp Cloud as the future single pane of glass, securing SCOM’s position as the best-of-breed tool for monitoring the Microsoft data center stack.

SCOM Open Source Monitoring in practice

Learn how to effectively monitor Open Source technologies using SCOM. Jonas Lenntun walks you through the process and provides valuable insights on how to get the most out of your monitoring tool.

MP Authoring and PowerShell

Find out everything you need to know about MP Authoring and PowerShell from our expert speaker, Mike Sargent – Development Lead at Silect (founders of MP University).

Panel Discussion: Open Source and SCOM

Find out what our panel of experts had to say about how they have seen SCOM use open source in the past, discuss where they have seen open source working successfully elsewhere, and what they would like to see Microsoft do with SCOM and open source in the future.