SCOMathon 2023

What’s new in the free Endpoint Management (aka SCCM) MP?

At SCOMathon 2022, Dujon announced ProtectOrg’s free Endpoint Management (aka SCCM/Intune) to replace Microsoft’s now deprecated SCCM MP. This year, Dujon is back with a new version that has some awesome new features, and all for free.

Top 10 mistakes while implementing SCOM

Dieter takes us through the top things people do wrong when setting up a new SCOM deployment, impacting cost, time or worse: cause issues later down the line. From systems architectural design to DB sizing, Dieter has it all covered.

What comes after SCOM MI?

SCOM MI is a fantastic breath of fresh air for the SCOM community, bringing SCOM’s all powerful MPs and health rollup to the cloud. But how does it sit against the backdrop of an increasingly cloud centric world with workloads becoming increasingly more serverless? Bob will take us through what is possible today and explains […]

DevOps migration and more

In this session, Harold will introduce some new DevOps capabilities for SCOM and cover a range of migration scenarios, starting with 2012R2 and working all the way up to SCOM MI and Azure Monitor!