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SCOMathon Closing

Closing out SCOMathon 2023, Bruce wrapped up with some fun stats and highlighted some of the most interesting talk moments. See what else Bruce picked out as key takeaways from the core sessions.

SCOMathon Welcome

Bruce Cullen opened the event with a recap of how SCOMathon even came to be. You may remember May of 2020, the rapid cancelling of events, and the gaping events hole left behind. That’s when SCOMathon was born! Plus, he shared his personal highlights for what to look forward to this SCOMathon 2023.

Going Beyond Citrix Director with MetrixInsight, SCOM, and SCOM-AI GPT

Discover how MetrixInsight, SCOM, and the new SCOM-AI GPT feature can help you enhance your Citrix monitoring beyond Citrix Director. Learn advanced techniques for detecting and resolving end-user experience issues using OpenAI ChatGPT, and unlock the full potential of your Citrix monitoring with timely alerting for any issues that occur in your entire Citrix SBC or VDI stack.

Living in harmony, transitioning to a healthy monitoring landscape with SCOM and AMA agents

Learn about the different agent types Microsoft offer, the functions offered by each agent, and find out how to make a smooth transition from MMA to AMA.