SCOMathon 2023

Post-event review: SCOMathon Workshop Week

A couple months ago, we hosted a week of community-led SCOM workshops and networking. These hands-on workshops took a deep dive into a series of topics handpicked by the SCOM community itself – and we are thrilled that the community found it valuable, as we learned from our post-event survey. Keep an eye out for […]

A Manifesto for SCOM Success

5 steps to achieve SCOM success At SCOMathon 2020SquaredUp Founder & CEO Richard Benwell shared his top 5 tips for SCOM success in the APAC Keynote: A Manifesto for SCOM Success. We’ve put it together in this article in case you missed the talk. We have all heard the excited buzz around cloud technologies in recent years, […]

SCOMathon 2020 – A big thank you

As co-hosts of SCOMathon 2020 that took place last week, we are happy to have provided a platform for the SCOM community to get together, learn and connect. Many in the community have mentioned feeling isolated and side-lined due to Microsoft’s cloud-driven messaging that ‘SCOM is dead’, but last Tuesday saw us rally together in proof that […]