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Meet this year’s HackaSCOM judges

Find out who’ll be judging HackaSCOM 2022, what they thought of last year’s event, and what they are expecting to see from our contenders this year!

MP University and SCOmathon joining forces to support the SCOM community

We are pleased to announce that Silect, founders of MP University, will be joining forces with Cookdown and SquaredUp to bring you the ultimate SCOMathon collaboration. SCOMathon was launched by Cookdown and SquaredUp in 2020 and has since grown to become the largest online community of SCOM fans. Equally, MP University has been running for […]

Coffee Break: How to connect SCOM to your IT tooling

Here are a few ways you can bring all your third-party tools alongside SCOM into one place, so you get oversight of everything.

Coffee Break: The Ultimate Guide to Implementing the Manifesto for SCOM Success

To be successful with SCOM, the Manifesto for SCOM Success is an excellent place to start. This was a manifesto put together in the 2020 SCOMathon event to help everyone maximize the power of SCOM. In our last Coffee Break webinar, we took a deeper dive into what these principles looked like in action in real environments.