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HackaSCOM runner-up: MP to discover and monitor files, folders, and changes

In our latest HackaSCOM we saw two great management packs (MPs) created for the community – the winning MP that predicts thresholds using ML and the MP we’ll explore today that discovers and monitors files, folders, and changes that occur. Anders Ӧberg created this MP in just 24 hours and that’s despite a power outage […]

HackaSCOM winner: Predicted thresholds MP using Machine Learning 

HackaSCOM again delivered some impressive results – new management packs (MP) for the community created in just 24 hours. Nathan Foreman and Anders Ӧberg went head-to-head, each creating a different MP, to wow the judges and solve a community need.  Nathan Foreman was declared the triumphant winner for the second year running. This time, Nathan […]

HackaSCOM 2022: everything that happened

HackaSCOM 2022 – the two-day hackathon – was another incredible SCOM event! Our expert contestants were given just 24 hours to build a SCOM solution, as voted for by the SCOMathon community. Each contestant was given a different challenge and they delivered some amazing solutions. Unfortunately, one contestant had to drop out, so there’s now […]

The Results

HackaSCOM 2022 – Day 2 In this webinar, our experts take center-stage to showcase their work live to our panel of judges, who then critique their approach and nominated a winner. This is a great opportunity to get first-hand MP authoring tips and tricks and see how our pros built their custom MPs.