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Coffee Break: The Ultimate Guide to Implementing the Manifesto for SCOM Success

To be successful with SCOM, the Manifesto for SCOM Success is an excellent place to start. This was a manifesto put together in the 2020 SCOMathon event to help everyone maximize the power of SCOM. In our last Coffee Break webinar, we took a deeper dive into what these principles looked like in action in real environments.

The BIG SCOM Survey Deep Dive

What’s the future of SCOM?How do others set up their SCOM landscape?What tools are SCOM Managers using to help streamline processes? The answers are all here. The Big SCOM Survey is an annual survey where we measure the pulse of theSCOM community, and reveal how SCOM is being used. This year, we asked 27 questions […]

Monitoring in a modern Microsoft world – where do you start?

When you’re responsible for monitoring your organisations’ workloads across complex hybrid cloud environments, you’ll quickly realise that your role and learning journey needs to start focusing on more than just a single tool. In this session, Kevin will walk you through when to use some of the most popular Microsoft monitoring tools (such as SCOM, […]

Deploy SCOM right, first time!

Dieter has seen many customers try and fail to be successful with setting up a SCOM deployment, learn from Dieter’s notes from the field and get your SCOM deployment setup the right way first time without re-work and failed deployment.